Reducing complexity is an important issue in Business Process Management (BPM) area. One source of complexity is rooted in the variety of concerns that a business process addresses, such as security and privacy. Ideally, these concerns should be defined separately from the business processes, as they typically span several processes, and they can be subject for change on a general organisational level instead of specific process level. However, current Business Process Management Systems do not support this kind of modelling.

The project presented here defines the requirements of a service that supports aspect oriented business process management (AOBPM), i.e. a technique which allows for separating cross-cutting concerns from the core business concerns. A set of these requirements are selected to design and implement a formal model for AOBPM. This model is designed using Coloured Petri Nets (CPN). CPN was selected because of its mathematical foundation and formal semantics. The model is implemented in CPN Tools.

For validating the approach, a practical case study from the Finance domain was carried out. The study demonstrates that AOBPM not only reduces the complexity of process models but also increases the reusability of model fragments. Hence, applying AOBPM would reduce the costs associated with analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of business processes in an organisation.